Each Ford car comes with a 2 year factory warranty and an option to purchase 'Extended Warranty', that covers the car against all electrical and mechanical failures for an additional period. For those who choose to have the entire maintenance of the car to be covered, there is the 'Total Maintenance Plan', which offers complete peace of mind.
Service pledge :
At Victoria Ford service, the quest to give you better and more efficient service never stops. And in our endeavour to make our service even better, we are making a commitment on what you can expect when you give your car for service. We believe in our motto, “Doing things right, first time and every time”.
To reinforce the importance of this initiative, we are making a set of promises that form the Service Pledge, which is given below:

Explain to you the required vehicle servicing, estimated cost and time beforehand

Deliver the vehicle at the promised time
Ensure that the bill is within estimate and explain the bill in detail
Respond to any query or concern within 24 hours.
In case you find that any of the above-stated has not been carried out, please let us know at the earliest. Click here for our contact details.
Genuine parts : ( There has been a significant drop ( more than 50% ) in Ford’s parts prices for all its models.)
Don’t play with your family’s safety. Use Ford genuine parts.
When it comes to your family’s safety, you know there can be no compromise. That’s why there’s no option but to ensure that you use only Ford genuine parts. Ford parts are precision engineered to work with each other. Replacing even a seemingly small component with a fake can seriously compromise the safety and efficiency of the entire system. For example, a fake seal can compromise the entire braking system of your car. So, don’t take any chances with your family’s safety. Stick to Ford genuine parts, available only at authorized Ford Service Centers.
Ford Genuine Parts:

Are subject to stringent quality checks for thermal shock resistance, strength-of- material, humidity aging, corrosion-resistance, bend fatigue, etc.

Are covered by manufacturer-backed warranty

Are backed by nation-wide Ford service centres
Increase vehicle mileage/efficiency
Road Side Assistance(RSA):

While you might plan to perfection and take every precaution to make sure your road trips are smooth, every traveller knows that this is not always possible. But now travel in peace, knowing that help is just a call away. Presenting Ford Service Roadside Assistance. This is designed to enhance your overall Ford ownership experience, by providing you with 24hr/7day emergency support related to the use of your Ford vehicle.

Our goal is to ensure that even if your Ford is immobilized, whether at home or while traveling, any inconvenience to you and your family is minimized. In case of any problem with your Ford, just call our Roadside Assistance and they will be there to help you out. So if you ever run into inconvenience on the road, rest assured. Ford service is just a call away.

Customer Benefits:

Roadside Assistance at home or on the road

If your vehicle is immobilized whether at home or on the road, Ford Service Roadside Assistance will attend to your vehicle. For minor repairs where we can fix the vehicle at the roadside, our technician will try and mobilize your vehicle at the roadside.
Vehicle Recovery
If your vehicle is unable to be mobilized following a mechanical or electrical breakdown, a recovery vehicle will be sent to recover your vehicle to the nearest authorized Ford dealer.
Vehicle Recovery following an Accident
If your vehicle is unable to be mobilized following a road traffic accident, Ford Service Roadside Assistance will organize to send a recovery vehicle to recover your vehicle to the nearest authorized Ford dealer.